Thank you, or How Cancer Has Been Good to Me

As of today, 462 people have made a generous offer of kindness in supporting my wife and I, post-cancer treatment. We don’t deserve their support, but they’ve given it. We didn’t earn it from them; we don’t know most of them; and they are mostly anonymous to us. Yet, 462 people have given in increments of $8 to bolster us in our time of need. I’m blown away by this. It is certainly not the value of the EP we are selling that has drawn people in. In an age when a song can be downloaded for $.99, hundreds of people have chosen to spend far too much per song because they are kind and caring enough to put our needs to task.

If you’re one of these people, THANK YOU.

Very soon we’ll begin shipping the EPs. I hope that they make a beautiful thank you gift for your financial gift to us. For those of you that have bought several of them, I can’t even begin to repay your kindness.

And this is how Cancer has been good to me: I’ve never been put in a position where an outpouring of support has been my only hope for recovery. I would never wish chemotherapy on my worst enemy, but I would never take that experience back. It was an opportunity to see love from my wife and friends and family that I could never have otherwise seen. And now, it has become an opportunity for us to have a conversation. A conversation that goes something like this, 

Me: “I need help.”

You: “I will help you.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Quite frankly, that conversation looks miserable to me. Who wants to admit their need publicly? Yet, I can’t tell you what joy and gratitude I feel for your help. And so, The Cancer Year EP is nothing but a premeditated thank you note. In my eyes, it is not a “product” but the bi-product of my gratitude and of my wife’s. It is our creative solution to say, “Thank you, your gift is beautiful to us. We hope this music is beautiful to you.”