The Cancer Year EP: Transparency Report

Hey friends, 

I’ve been so grateful and humbled by your support of Audrey and I during this time of trial. There’s been many prayers offered for us, many of you have purchased our benefit EP, and some of you even bought/ made us food during chemo. You’ve been very good to us. Thank you.

In regards to the EP, we raced out of the gate; selling about 26% of our goal in 4 days. Since then, it has been a bit of a crawl. As time has gone on, several of you have asked some specific questions about the EP and our medical debt. Because of this, I decided to post a transparency report. This will help you see where we stand financially and where your money is going.

To start, I have several outstanding bills from various places: Desert Banner Hospital, Vanderbilt Hospital, Pathology Specialists of AZ and a couple more. We payed what we could out of pocket and then ran dry. So some of our bills are now handled by debt collectors. Some organizations, like Vanderbilt, have been kind enough to understand our situation and work with us.

To further the difficulty, some of these bills were submitted to our insurance company somewhat incorrectly by Vanderbilt. At least $11,200 was submitted as out-of-network, for example. We are working to rectify this, but there’s no guarantee. This drastically increases our liability. (As I type this, that eleven-thousand dollars is being reprocessed, but I don’t yet know where that will end up landing.)

All-in-all, between the debt we have incurred, and our projected costs for the next year, we will likely be in the range of -$12,000-15,000.

In regard to the EP. I am licensed to sell 2,000 copies, physically only, and keep 100% of the profit. Selling all of these would put us at $16,000 less about $1,600 hard costs and some miscellaneous costs like paypal fees and running the online store. Total ~$13,500.

Since releasing the EP, we’ve had 5,381 unique visitors to the site and 427 orders. This means that 7.9% of the people who visit the site make a purchase. This just over 2x the average conversion rate for an online retail store. But also lower than one might expect for a benefit. (164 of those sales came on the first day; 12 came yesterday.) Thankfully, we’ve had many multiple EP orders and have sold, to date, 609 copies.

So this is the picture I’m painting. We’ve had amazing support. I’m so grateful for it. But the work isn’t over. I’m less than 1/3 of the way to my goal. So I need to keep hustling. I hope you’ll be patient with me. I’ve tried to stay relatively quiet and not “market” the album (more on that next time). But I’ll need to talk about it a bit more in order reach our goal.

The way I see it, if you’ve purchased or end up purchasing the EP, you are not buying a product. You are giving our family a very real financial gift. In return, we’re saying thank you by sending you a little present. We worked hard on this little EP and it’s full of beautiful music. I just hope that it blesses you half as much as I am blessed to have your support.

Thank you once again.

If you have any questions regarding the EP, you can hit me up on twitter: @williampriceiii or email: