The Cancer Year EP

Hey all!

As you may know, I was diagnosed with Cancer in September of last year. What you may not know is that, while I was insured, a rather heavy debt was laid on my little family as we went through doctors appointments, diagnostics, treatments, scans, special foods and prescriptions/supplements. (Even tomorrow, I have a scan that will cost us several hundred dollars.)

Early in the process, I knew that this financial burden was coming, but I was unsure of how to tackle it. It is a number too large for us to handle alone, but not large enough, I felt, to just go asking for money. So I had an idea.

What if I asked my community of creatives to come together and make something new? What if we offered you a little beauty in return for your generosity? So my wife and I set out to do that. With HUGE HUGE help from Producer Nathan Thomas, and a cast of artists, writers and players we made a little 4 track EP with 3 original songs and one rarity from Matt Maher. And with the help of photographer Christina Lafferty, I was able to whip some pretty packaging and a nice little webstore for you to purchase the EP. And with the help of Tina Essmaker, I wrote a little explanation of what led us to this point and the meaning behind the EP being called The Cancer Year.

The EP is in physical format only. For now, this is the only place you can get the 3 original songs. It is $8 and will be shipped out to you as soon as they are manufactured (no later than July 1st).

If you would, please run over to the store and grab a copy or 10. There’s a limit to how many I have licensed to sell. So they may run out fast. (I hope!) Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We’re not going to profit off of this project beyond offsetting the cost of medical bills for treatment and recovery.

Thank you so much for reading this and even considering helping us out. You’re prayers, care and concern were an incredible service to me through treatment. I don’t take you for granted. Thank you.

William Price III