Cancer Post #4

Last week I drove down to Atlanta with Audrey to visit Progressive Medial Center which is an integrative medical center. Our hope was to meet with the Oncologist on staff and talk about options for treatment. Unfortunately, there was some confusion about our appointment and we weren’t able to meet with him. We did have a good meeting with an MD there and Dr. Jones- the oncologist- was gracious enough to review my case and call me on Tuesday about treatment. Surprisingly, he recommended chemotherapy in its traditional form because of it’s strong success rate with my specific subtype of Hodgkins.

At this point, I’ve decided that I’ve given due diligence and it’s time to start chemo. It was a bit of a disappointment to us, but it’s also a blessing. Having all doctors agree that chemotherapy is a good option for me, and actually, the best option, has made the decision easier.

So, in the next couple weeks, I’ll begin 6 months of ABVD chemo. Treatments will be twice a month and I’m being told that side effects will be minimal. Dr. Reddy at Vanderbilt has ensured me that I won’t miss a day of work. 

I will, however, be mostly unable to travel with Audrey. So at this point, prayers are welcome for effective treatment, for minimal side effects, and for the grace of the sacrament of marriage to help us through this period of logistical, physical, emotional strain.