"Brother don’t grow up….
Just hope that age does not erase all that you’ve seen
Don’t let bitterness become you
Your only hopes are within you.”

James Marcus Haney traveled to Seattle to shoot a music video featured his younger brother and friends. What he captured was the collision of destructive and creative forces churning within us at the edge of adulthood. Shortly after he began filming, a campus shooting occurred. Paul Lee, who died in the shooting, was a dorm mate of James’ younger brother.

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church,” says Sister Henid Haddad, 48, from Lebanon. “We derive our strength in the resurrection of Christ. Those who bark like dogs don’t scare us.”


Flashback to LeBron’s first regular season dunk in the NBA… (October 29, 2003)

[Image via NBA TV + video]

“…and we generally say, “Well if that was in a movie, I wouldn’t believe it.””
— Narrator, http://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Magnolia.html
“One random day in the San Fernando Valley, a dying father, a young wife, a male caretaker, a famous lost son, a police officer in love, a boy genius, an ex-boy genius, a game show host and an estranged daughter will each become part of one story. Through coincidence, chance, human action, past history and divine intervention they will weave through each other’s lives on a day that builds to an unforgettable climax.”

Wow. Wow. Incredible use of focus, grain, sharpness, grade, frame, shape and more. Archetypically human and, at times, simultaneously briefly unrecognizable. A fresh lens on the body— Most familiar, most Other.

French Style Furs doing it the way it should be done.

A new band from Cold War Kids lead singer and We Barbarians members.

All lyrics taken from Thomas Merton.

I would like to challenge you, enlightened and sagacious people of the internet, to having any clue whatsoever as to what it takes to make a floor like this.


Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute / Basilica of Saint Mary of Health - architect Baldassarre Longhena, Venice, Italy (by Paul Dykes)

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