Oct 08

“We have been offered the wrong things, and we are expected to accept simply because they think we are poor. And we are saying poverty is not about money. One can be poor in spirituality, poor in ideas, poor in education, and in many other ways.
So we are not poor in that sense. We may be poor materially but we are not poor in every sense. So we say no to what we think is wrong. And time has gone when we would just follow without question. Now, we question. We evaluate. We decide. We ask questions. This is what we do in Africa now.” — African archbishop frankly criticizes Western attitudes at synod | National Catholic Reporter

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Sep 26

“(The Lord) is waiting for us in the tribulations and wailing of our brothers and sisters, in the wounds of society and in the questions from today’s culture.” — CNS STORY: Spiritual triage: Help wounded, drop theoretical baggage, pope says

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"Students in my history of architecture course are amused to discover that the final exam offers a choice of questions. Some are bone dry (“discuss the development of the monumental staircase from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century, citing examples”) and others deliberately…

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St. Denis’ Martyrdom, Léon Bonnat

St. Denis’ Martyrdom, Léon Bonnat


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“I’m drawn to making church music for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is that, in looking at the historical Church, I see a pretty consistent pattern of there being two artistic paths for believers: one being church composing, and the other making art in the ‘mainstream’ arena. Caravaggio, Michelangelo and many others certainly made art that revealed their religious perspectives, but they did so in the general art world, not in a small cloistered bubble of religious artists making art for religious people.” — Honest songs | The Salvation Army

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