Hurt and harm are not equals. Exercise hurts. Gluttony harms. Truth hurts, sin often feels well and natural, but ultimately harms. Therefore our discernment of goodness, justice, and/or virtue cannot invoke the immediate and present self as a deciding factor.

Another, simpler way of looking at discernment is asking “will I want to *have done* this?” It is a far better question than “do I want to do this?”

And all that did not much enter my mind this am when I picked up a treestump full of sleeping carpenter bees to carry it 30yds to the woods. Though I survived unscathed, it was a pretty rash choice.

I’m still really digging this Japandroids record from a couple years back. Fuzzy vocals, classic/ alt rock progressions, punk rhythms, anthemic shouting, the feeling of skateboarding through traffic at night.

Really loved this. Far from perfect, but the first 10 minutes had me rolling. I watched it a few days ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it- always a sign of good storytelling.

Successful Alcoholics (by Jordan Vogt-Roberts)

The Entombment (c. 1612)

Peter Paul Rubens


Queens Of The Stone Age – “Smooth Sailing” Video

Killer video. This is why I always stop after one sake/ why I’m paranoid about a roofie in my ramen.


Yasiin Gaye - Ms Fat Booty (by Mr.Paka)


Gregorio Fernández

Christ on the Cross Embracing Saint Bernard, ca. 1613 (detail)

Las Huelgas Reales, Valladolid

And with this image I’m in tears at Pinewood Social.

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